BEECIN Relies On Donations

BEECIN relies on donations to assist Sanford Home Health and Hospice in providing their services.  Medical equipment, supplies, volunteer training, bereavement, and educational material for staff and hospice families are provided by your generous donations.

Palliative Care

The heart of the Palliative Care Programs that Beecin donations go towards provide a quality of life by giving care and support to those facing a life-limiting illness.

Tax Deductible

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to BEECIN.  With no full time staff, all monies go towards Palliative Care in Northwest Iowa.

Local Donation

Donated funds stay in O’Brien and Lyon counties in Iowa, no administrative costs come out of donations.  BEECIN also gives $250 scholarships to NCC students in healthcare.

BEECIN (Pronounced Bee-Kuhn)

BEECIN is a non-profit foundation receiving donations to assist Sanford Sheldon Home Health and Hospice financially.  In turn our Sanford Sheldon Home Health and Hospice provides services to clients undergoing care with limited financial resources.

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Monies available, based on approval to assist in relieving financial burdens.


Provide assistance with purchasing or rental of medical or other miscellaneous equipment necessary for client care.


Monies available to meet Medicare requirements of continuing education of clients, clients families, volunteers, and staff.


Spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial support to all clients.


In compassion and love for clients in our communities.

Northwest Iowa

Serving clients in Northwest Iowa.